This comedy-meets-quiz experience is for people who don’t take trivia (or life, really) so friggin’ seriously. They do it live, they do it online, heck, they’ll even text you (but only if you’re in network.)

The hosts, who share a joie de vivre*, perform a dramatic guess-that-lyric reading, act-out scenes from famous films, cue up your favorite throwback jams, and oh yeah, ask hand-crafted, trivial questions. They will NOT **apologize for their dancing, or the dancing they inspire.

QP?! has enjoyed weekly residencies in Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Montauk. QP?! has also entertained Bumble-sponsored hang-outs, Capital One and JP Morgan team-building nights, and countless liquor brand-sponsored events (seriously it’s too many brands to list).

For each partnership, QP?! is happy to incorporate a fact/face sheet into the round themes and questions to make the show unique to the brand.

*they don't speak French,. Like, at all.

**they DO type in British, though

enough reading here are some videos

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